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TIMi Data Mining & Predictive Analytics - for Statisticians and Data Mining Professionals


Increase your creativity and productivity with TIMi Data Mining and Predictive Analytics software

TIMi is a powerful and easy-to-use data mining and predictive analytics engine that can help you analyze large data sets and create highly accurate predictive models with unprecedented speed.

TIMi removes the mundane tasks from model creation and gives you more time and freedom to explore approaches to modeling your organization’s data. TIMi enables you to create predictive models in minutes instead of months, giving you the time and freedom to apply your statistics and data mining knowledge to optimize model quality.

You have full control of over the entire model creation process with TIMi and can easily adjust algorithm parameters to enhance model quality. Modifications can be made directly in the graphical interface or using command line.

TIMi outperforms leading data mining and predictive analytics software in speed, volume, and quality.

Using TIMi, you can:

  • Create predictive or segmentation models in minutes instead of months
  • Analyze a theoretically limitless amount of data (largest tested data set is 20 million rows and 20,000 columns) compared to practical limits of 300 columns for other software packages


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TIMi for Binary Classification

  • Ranking & Scoring purchase probability
  • Probability of defaults
  • Probability of churn
  • Data quality analysis
  • Advanced customer profiles including dozens of colorful and easy-to-understand graphics that can be presented to business users.
  • Real-time analysis of the ROI of your campaign (this is unique to TIMi)
  • Easily explain your customer segments with the segmentation module "Commercial Potential Analysis" of data for optimum allocation of commercial resources (this is unique to TIMi)
  • Easy industrialization of even the most complex tasks


TIMi for Continuous Prediction

  • Estimate the exact amount of money a lead will give you.
  • Estimate the share of wallet of your customer/lead (this is unique to TIMi).


TIMi for Multi-class Prediction

  • Estimate in which class a customer belongs
  • Boosting, bagging, and Feature Selection as the multi-class voting system. Working with sets of 5000 voting models is easy.


TIMi for Segmentation Analysis

  • detect (multivariate) outliers and non-valid data
  • segment you customer base using the most advanced segmentation methodology
  • describe each segment from a business point-of-view
  • a powerful visualization engine based on the latest advances in 3D hardware accelerated rendering


TIMi’s Unique Capabilities

  • Datasets of any size
  • Obtain the best model on any given real-world dataset
  • Complete profile analysis of your target customers
  • Estimation of the stability of your model: you get confidence intervals directly on the lift chart
  • Share of wallet estimation
  • Unmatched speed
  • Short time to market
  • Real-time campaign optimizer
  • Customer profile directly actionable from a business perspective


Explore TIMi Features in Detail:

Binary Classification

Continuous Prediction

Multi-Class Prediction

Segmentation Analysis

Integration with SAS

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